Bike to Work Ltd for Teachers

This website applies to teachers and employees whose payroll is managed by the Department of Education. Bike to Work Ltd. is not the Department of Education but is an approved approved supplier for the Cycle to Work Scheme. Employees can apply at any time of the year.

If you are a teacher whose payroll is not managed by the Department of Education please contact us.

Visit the Teachers Bike to Work Microsite at:

Bike to Work Ltd. 13/3/2012

Bike to Work Ltd. are an independent Irish company that provides a free service that provides information to Teachers on the Cycle To Work Scheme and facilitates them to complete their application with the minimum of hassle. We have created a Website to take you through the process. You can get any bike from over 250 shops nationwide. Please note that Bike To Work Ltd are not the sole supplier for the Dept of Education. You are free to deal directly with any supplier listed on the OPW approved suppliers list. If you do not wish to use Bike To Work Ltd or would like to use an alternative supplier you should visit the Dept of Education website for further information.